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Les dédicaces pour 50 Cent :

  • wesgoen

    Date: 2011/11/22 17:42

    u are #1 gang my friends,like u

  • clash

    Date: 2011/10/08 18:03

    u can make make crazy and the dean

  • anostov1ngo

    Date: 2011/08/21 12:07

    50. Tu nous a menti que tu venais à Kin

  • snipeur

    Date: 2011/07/20 16:34

    50 i like your musik you are my best.i don't no why you dont com in the afrika specialy in cameron.please dont forget my contry i wate you.

  • drylan

    Date: 2011/07/14 11:58

    50 u're my favorite, u're the best I love u God bless u