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Titres de l'album :

  • Heartbreak ExpressHeartbreak Express

    15 Jul 2013

  • Music From The MoviesMusic From The Movies

    22 Oct 2012

  • NULL

    Dans Le Même Univers De Musique

    Les dédicaces pour Dolly Parton :

    • kader1970

      Date: 2011/07/29 23:21

      Une grande dame du county music..

    • musabe

      Date: 2011/07/03 16:19

      All my warm greatings and respects to my most wonderful "friend" Dolly Parton. My name is Charles MUSABYIMANA from Rwanda (Central Africa). Your songs have inspired me in all moments of life. Your sweet voice, your soft melody and the special words of your love songs are eternal and bring comfort to wounded and can also take a lover to the wings of an Eagle. I'd like to see your "Tennessee Mountain Home", that great cradle of your inspiration where love lasts "Longer Than Always", "Where Beauty Lives In Memory,..". With much love.

    • didis

      Date: 2011/06/12 17:13

      hi dolly u re my inspiration i appreciate u soo muuch i like all of your songs and my big dream is to see u performing one day i pray for it..go on and be blessed with your familly.

    • Oliver

      Date: 2010/05/14 10:15

      Hi, Dolly u are wonderful, I like ur songs especially Jolene!!!! Don't take my man because u can!!!!!!!!


      Date: 2010/04/02 13:06

      Une grande dame du county music..


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