Paroles Guo Lan Ying

  • Nanni Wan
  • The Song of Nanni Wan
  • Nanni Bend
  • Red East
  • Joy At The Sunrise
  • The Never Setting Sun On The Grasslands
  • Liu Zhidan: A Brave Soldier
  • Guests From Remote Land Please Stay
  • North Wind Blowing, Tying the Plait With a Red Ribbon
  • Our Leader Mao Zedong
  • Back To Her Maternal Home
  • Ode To Red Plum Blossom
  • Ode To The Yellow River
  • The Arrival Of The Yangko Dance Troupe at The Jujube Orchard
  • The Carp Rock in Liuzhou
  • The Return Of My Soldier Brother
  • Young Boys Love Young Girls
  • An Paean Of Hero Liu Zhidan
  • My Elder Brother Joined The Red Army
  • Red Morningstar Lilies Are In Blossom
  • The Fragrance of Osmanthus Flowers Spreads Afar
  • Water Pumping Love Song
  • Commander-in-Chief Xie
  • The Butterfly Lovers
  • The Song of Kelamayi
  • Slight Wind and Slight Rain
  • Song Of Four Seasons

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