Parole Streets of New York

Alicia Keys

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  • Durée : 07:35
  • Date de sortie : 11 Janvier 2005

Paroles de la chanson Streets of New York :
It's like jungle out there,so much struggle out here

And my dreams steal my rest,sleeps the cousin of death

Always feel like a race against father time,in the streets of New York

All I see is street hoes,and bullet holes in my people

Only crime fills the brain,feels like I'm going insane

The revolution has to start,don't waste no time

In the streets of New York

New York state of mind

New York state of crime

New York big dreams

New York big schemes

Ohhh it's like the game,just ain't the same

Baby thugs and girls with no shame,can't get away epidemic plagues

Every hood in every state,don't have no reason cause believin's hard to find

In the streets of New York