Parole Bonnie and clyde

Axel Bauer

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  • Durée : 05:11
  • Date de sortie : 1998

Paroles de la chanson Bonnie and clyde :
We all have a special meeting

In a special place

You're afraid of dying ?

What's your problem

You go and see the high above and the high below

Allow me to introduce myself

I'm clyde and here's my friend bonnie

Unknown creatures from an unknown planet

Placed for an unknown destiny

This uncounter leads us to one decision

Live freely with the conviction

That death will not set up apart

Well you see when i first met bonnie

It was from the sight of her thigs

And her from a glimps in my eyes

No lies

It was love at first sight

We couldn't wait for the night

It feels better when the lights out

Alright find out how bats fly in the dark...

In the dark love and death meets

In the light ! Real light meets

Babe i'm talking about the real light

And in the real light

Everyone meets everyone meets...

You know the story more than i

To live and to die

We're comming back to take your guns

And outlive your lies

We are not afraid of being despised and penalised

By your earthly rules

For we conquer love

And to conquer is to be conquered

We all have a special meeting in a special place