Parole The Like in I Love You

Brian Wilson

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  • Date de sortie : 17 Janvier 2010

Paroles de la chanson The Like in I Love You :
You reached into my heart
And found the music of my soul
The melodies unfold
For you

I've never danced before
Until you asked me
Then magic lights lit up the floor

Gliding in a starlit/less sky
Until we found the inner light
Now we can duplicate the universe

The pain in painting
The muse in music
The like in I love you

When you connect the dots
I see your picture coming through
The story's always you

It's more than harmony
When you sing with me
It's an entire symphony


Don't be afraid, love
We can take it from
The happy ending

The great in grateful
The faith in faithful
The like in I love you