Parole All My Rivals

Chris Brown

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  • Date de sortie : 03 Janvier 2009

Paroles de la chanson All My Rivals :
All the libel statements that you make
Swinging by the bowline
With my rival shrinking from the shade
And singing in the sunshine

Everybody knows
Everybody's laughing
Dancing with my foes
Who drown their woes in cake and caffeine

Standing portside, taking in the view
I can't believe you kissed her
With me watching, turning back to leave
And cursing like a sister

Sailing in the West
The captain has been drinking
And though he does his best
He knows the boat is slowly sinking

Hiding in the sand
I understand why they all love you
Safely on dry land
They hold a halo high above you

All the seasick sailors on the shore
Praying to the pavement
Watch you float above the ocean floor
Wondering where the day went

No one left to lose
Nothing left to blunder
And when it's time to choose
They give a hand as I go under

Daughter, daughter, I see you winding past
The daylight hours dimming
Underwater, but as my story ends
With all that it portends

I see you swimming back to me

I see you swimming back to me.