Parole Baknaffek (LP Version)


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  • Durée : 03:34
  • Date de sortie : 26 Janvier 1993

Paroles de la chanson Baknaffek (LP Version) :
People people people people

People people people people

Shippity bop, well hot diggity, where's the iggity? The bum siggity

Niggas wanna know but check the flow my little trickity

I'm comin' with the books so kid, it looks like it's a winner

Ya better get'cha plate because I'm servin' raps for dinner

See I freak it from the sewer plus I'm quick to do ya posse

I'm swoopin' on the note just like I was a kamikaze

See they thought I lost my spot so they went and got real comfy

So now I gotta hit him hard and Bogart like Humphrey

Ya hypocrite, I'm rippin' it because I'm flyer

Ya phony, full of bologne like Oscar Meyer

See I attack a pack of rappers just for practice

I bust my tactics, I'm sharper than a F-axe-iss

Set it off

One two

Set it off

Yeah it's the books in reverse

The next cap sendin a big-up to my borough

I'm thorough, wetter than a ghetto from Medini-Bop

Takin' lessons, swayin' niggas on graffitti

Rockin' other slang ranger, bring a banger, interpretation

My nerves is achin', see I'm sick of niggas perpetratin'

But can't see this, I'm screamin' on they records like Beavis

Or butt head, I bust heads like Amy

Fisher Isser, blisser, hit you like an accident

And if I'm in your town you might meet me at the Radisson

Or splatterin', batterin' crews for lip chatterin'

It ain't nuttin' new

That's how we do, my crew is back again

People people people people

(Baknaffek, how's that?)

People people people people

(Baknaffek, how's that?)

People people people people

(Baknaffek, how's that?)

People people people people

(Baknaffek, how's that?)

Well here I go again, so dig the flow again, try not to bite

A bigger nigga with my left and then I flick 'em with my right

I'm outta sight, look how I do it, ya blew it if you missed a

Nigga on the microphone 'cos I can roll a sister

Word is bond, I'm on some nuke, new like this

Grab a piece of steel and shoot the giff like Chris

Cringle, lost my jingle, don't it make ya shiver

Give a nigga what he needs so he can bleed when I deliver

Aah microphone check, what the heck?

I do that then because I used to catch a wreck

Wit it, that's the time I hot talk, spit it

For Christ's sake I'm in to hit the brakes and you're skiddin'

You in, Messiah did it, but y'all can keep that

'Cos now I'm on some other type of flow and best believe that

And all that, small cat, my format, deranged

Honey I'm back to run things 'cos some things is never changed, punk

So if you're drunk, I freak the funk until you're sober

But still be gettin' chills when niggas know that winter's over

Kickin' the flam yo it's the man, tick tock, I jam like gridlock

My style is fender bendin' sendin' rappers to the pit stop

Good Lord O' mercy, hit reversy if you missed it

And busboy give the speech 'cos like a preacher, baby I'm twisted

Kid I swing a dome-buster light, bone crush a smith

Bust up your lips then puff up a spliff

So yo, who be dat? Dat wanna do me like this to get

Booby trapped jack, cos my crew be strapped fat like dat

People people people people

(Baknaffek, how's that?)

People people people people

(Baknaffek, how's that?)

People people people people

(Baknaffek, how's that?)

People people people people

(Baknaffek, how's that?)

Bust a flavor

Word up uh, yeah, uh, yeah

Check it out

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