Parole Sweet Music Man

Dolly Parton

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  • Durée : 03:10
  • Date de sortie : 1999

Paroles de la chanson Sweet Music Man :
I don't know why I like him I just only know I do

I don't know why I trust him I just know his heart is true

I don't know why he's more a man than any man I know

I don't know how I know the man's for real but I still know

The man is more than what meets the eye he is worn and weary from life

He is rugged but he's got style the man has got what matters inside

Weary yes he must get weary but he doesn't say

But you can read between the lines that wind along his face

The man has got his memories that he hides inside his mind

And you can see the sadness in the eyes they hide behind

The man is more than what meets the eye...

Love him yes I've always loved him and I always will

He holds a place in my heart no one else could ever fill

He's always been my hero, the best friend I've ever had

The man is something special and I'm proud that he's my dad

The man is more than what meets the eye...

The man is more than what meets the eye...

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