Parole This is Deutsch


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  • Durée : 04:24
  • Date de sortie : 22 Janvier 2008

Paroles de la chanson This is Deutsch :
One-two sun-light
perseverance is virtue, true is duty
to attention. yes my herr(master-ish)
we are german robots
four-five starry night
work is done. good job!
lofty goals. stick to it
the mashine runs perectly
correct!- Perfect!

we must mutiply ourselves
to convert the world
born to serve
risen from ruins

This is german. Repeat! This is german

left right in the square
Kindergarten � tinsoldiers
always puntual- always correct
because something is german in us
correct- perfect
five- six under inspection
stand still good job
left two go again
german citzen- thank you very much
in beat- exatly!

we must mutiply ourselves
it gives gods love
bred to win
chosen and never content

one two up and down
three four always onward
we are Germany! good job!
one two up and down
three four always onward
Goosesteps, beer brewries
and the program with the mouse!
this is this is German!