Parole Romance To Me

Empire Of The Sun

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  • Durée : 03:27
  • Date de sortie : 20 Janvier 2009

Paroles de la chanson Romance To Me :
I haven't seen you in ages
But it's not as bleak as it seems
The tears have stained all the pages
It is all a romance to be

Since you've been gone, I've faded
But I reach out and you go forth
My ears have gone in phases
It is all a romance to me

Romance To Me
Romance I see

There's a joy in my eyes, I can't deny
but only to those who knows me
Replaced by the sadness and longing
Is the romance you'd given to me

I still hear the bells when I walk
But the movie has changed its key
I'm touched by your breath as I sleep
It is all a romance to me

Romance to me
Romance I see

Romance to me
Romance I see.

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