Parole Illusion

Gregory Porter

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  • Durée : 03:03
  • Date de sortie : 21 Janvier 2010

Paroles de la chanson Illusion :
I've been searchin all the corners of my room
sweeping dust and memories under the carpet that we purchased
somewhere on some cool retreat, somewhere in Africa somewhere

I've been trying to catch my breath from the illusion that i lost it
when you left me

I've been checking for the weather and the time
I'm like a bag that's dropped and drifting in the wind
that blows from hurricanes that comes just after grey clouds fill my eyes

I've been trying to find my footing on the slopes of the illusion that i lost it
when you left me

Like bare feet on hot concrete, we have come to some division
based on pain from bare decisions
just like clothespins snapped by wild winds
sometimes you can't hold on to love and never die

I've been planting all the flowers that you like
with the hope them will take root and smell the blossom
when the wind blows as we sit deep in the garden sipping tea
as i watch you looking at me

I've been trying to find reality
a grip on the illusion that i lost you
when you left me

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