Parole The asshole song


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  • Durée : 04:05
  • Date de sortie : 22 Janvier 2006

Paroles de la chanson The asshole song :
Your eyes are all wet now

You know that I'm lying

I swear I was only protecting your heart

But there are some reasons

And also some pictures

Which if you saw they would rip you apart

And I won't watch you cry

Goodbye, I'm an asshole

I'm almost a tall guy

And fairly good looking

So people they trust me but sometimes they're wrong

I have often wondered

Which one was the taller

My old Alexander or Kubla Khan

And would they watch you cry

Goodbye, I'm an asshole

I was a pig

And never no good

Now you can see through the streams in your eyes every nickel is wood

Your lines are all fading

Your model's all last year

I am still a young man and I need a new car

Your friends will all hate me

But I know I'm smarter

I'm in love with a fan and she thinks I'm a star

And she will never

So I won't ever

I won't watch you cry


I won't watch you cry

Goodbye, I'm an asshole