Parole Summertime

Louis Armstrong

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  • Durée : 04:58

Paroles de la chanson Summertime :
Summertime....and the livin is easy
Fish are jumpin...and the cotton is high
Yo daddys rich...and yo mamas good-lookin
So hush little baby......dont you cry

One of these gonna rise up singin
You gonna spread your little wings...and youll take to the sky
But till that mornin...there aint nothin gonna harm you
With yo mama and daddy...standin bye

(instrumental break)

Now its summertime....and the livin is easy
Them fish are jumpin...and the cottons bout waist high
Yo daddys rich...and, ya know yo mamas good-lookin
Now hush little cry


Ah said its summertime

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