Parole Drowned World/substitute For Love


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  • Durée : 05:09
  • Date de sortie : 2001

Paroles de la chanson Drowned World/substitute For Love :
I traded fame for love

Without a second thought

It all became a silly a game

Some things cannot be bought

I got exactly what I asked for

Wanted it so badly

Running, rushing back for more

I suffered fools so gladly

And now I find

I've changed my mind


The face of you

My substitute for love

My substitute for love

Should I wait for you

My substitute for love

My substitute for love

I traveled round the world

Looking for a home

I found myself in crowded rooms

Feeling so alone

I had so many lovers

Who settled for the thrill

Of basking in my spotlight

I never felt so happy


Mmmmm, ooohhh, mmmmm

Famous faces, far off places

Trinkets I can buy

No handsome stranger, heady danger

Drug that I can try

No ferris wheel, no heart to steal

No laughter in the dark

No one-night stand, no far-off land

No fire that I can spark

Mmmmm, mmmmm


Now I find I've changed my mind

This is my religion

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