Parole Easy ride


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  • Interprète :Madonna
  • Genre :Pop, Rock
  • Compositeur :Madonna - Monte Lee Pittman
  • Editeur :Warner Chappell Music France - Webo Girl Publishing, Inc. - Montster Worldwide Music
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  • Durée : 05:05
  • Date de sortie : 2003

Paroles de la chanson Easy ride :
I Want The Good Life
But I Don't Want An Easy Ride
What I Want Is To Work For It
Feel The Blood And Sweat On My Fingertips
That's What I Want For Me

I Want To Know Everything
Maybe Someday I Will
What I Want Is To Find My Place
Breathe The Air And Feel The Sun On My Children's Face
That's What I Want


I Go Round And Round Just Like A Circle
I Can See A Clearer Picture
When I Touch The Ground I Come Full Circle
To My Place And I Am Home
I Am Home

I Want To Let Go Of All Disappointment That's Waiting For Me
What I Want Is To Live Forever
Not Defined By Time And Space
It's A Lonely Place
That's What I Want

(Chorus, Repeat And Fade)