Parole Acadia

Marianas Trench

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  • Date de sortie : 28 Janvier 2010

Paroles de la chanson Acadia :
In the house I grew up in, my room in the basement the hours
turning to years we spent
Remember Chris in the backyard laughing so damn hard and
no one knew why
But the rest is forgotten behind me sometimes it reminds me
of when we, we used to belong here

Every memory comes on when I hear that old song that we
used to sing with the words all wrong
I remember the faces and familiar places and I sing along but
Acadia is gone

Ran out of gas on the highway, we walked there and I gave
drunken speeches on the sobriety
Now we've all moved away and somehow became men but I
remember where it began

Remember when 1712 Acadia Road fell, and they tore the house down