Parole Talk To Me

Maxim Nucci

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  • Durée : 04:24

Paroles de la chanson Talk To Me :
Something just changed in your song
Tell me baby, what’s wrong ?
What’s goin’ on ?
Have you been cryin’ ?
Something just flicked in your eyes
There’s a crack in your gaze
Like those broken days
Am I seeing things ?
Talk to me
Talk to me
Baby, talk, it’s me
Talk to me
Something got hold of your soul
You’re like never before
Is there something more ?
Have I missed anything ?
Seems like the sun is shining
On everyone but me
Won’t you talk to me ?
This is getting scary
Baby, talk, to me
Please talk, to me
Baby talk, it’s me
Talk to me
Something just changed in my world
And it’s killing me

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