Parole Falls Back On


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  • Interprète :Nickelback
  • Genre :Hard Rock
  • Compositeur :Chad Kroeger - Ryan Anthony Peake - Michael Douglas Henry Kroeger - Brandon Henry Kroeger
  • Editeur :Warner Chappell Music France - Arm Your Dillo Publishing Inc. - Zero-g Music Inc. - Black Diesel Music, Inc.
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  • Durée : 02:57
  • Date de sortie : 2002

Paroles de la chanson Falls Back On :
No, I Don't Guess
I Don't Sacrifice
And I Know
I Don't Realize
Just How Much
I Can Idolize ... And I Know
And Then I Find It Falls Back On
On To Me, To See, Believe
And Down Onto You, We Do, It's True
And I Won't Beg To Stay, To Leave, Or To Believe
A Word You Say, And Then I Guess
It All Falls Back On You
To Find Out (Find Out)
What's The Deal
And I Guess You Don't
It's Just, You Had To
Had To Take, And I Know

There's A Fine Line Between Right And Wrong
And I Know We Knew All Along
Just How Much I Can Half Belong ... And I Know
And Then I Find Out It All Falls Back On You
Cause I'm Really Up On This
Cause I've Seen It Before
Where The Hell Did I Get Through You?