Parole Lullaby


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  • Durée : 03:48
  • Date de sortie : 14 Janvier 2011

Paroles de la chanson Lullaby :
I know the feeling
Of finding yourself stuck out on the ledge
And there ain't no healing
From cutting yourself with the jagged edge
I'm telling you that
It's never that bad
Take it from someone who's benne where you're at
laid out on the floor
and you're not sure
you can take this anymore

So just give one more try to a lullaby
and turn this up on the radio
if you can hear me now I'm reaching out
to let ou know that you're not alone
and if you can't tell I'm scared as hell
'cause I can't get you on the telephone
So just close your eyes
well honey here comes a lullaby
your very own lullaby

Please let me take you
Out of the darkness and into the light
'cause I have faith in you
you're gonna make it through another night
stop thinking about the easy way out
there's no need to go and blow the candle out
because you're not done
you're far too young and the best is yet to come


Everybody's hit the bottom
and everybody's been forgotten
and everybody's tired of being alone
everybody's been abandoned
and left a little empty handed
so if you're ut there barely hangin'on