Parole Window Shopper


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  • Interprète :Nickelback
  • Genre :Hard Rock
  • Compositeur :Chad Kroeger - Ryan Anthony Peake - Michael Douglas Henry Kroeger - Brandon Henry Kroeger
  • Editeur :Warner Chappell Music France - Arm Your Dillo Publishing Inc. - Zero-g Music Inc. - Black Diesel Music, Inc.
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  • Durée : 03:43
  • Date de sortie : 2002

Paroles de la chanson Window Shopper :
Forevers A Lonely Time And The Dogs Aren't Always
Aren't Always On My Mind
Cause I Didn't Free Them
The Scenery Is Burning Me Cause I'm Still In It
So Why Don't You Free Me
Cause Its Not My Business
What He's Done To Me
Control Is All You Really Need
And I Guess I Had It Coming,
My Fault For Not Runnin
I Just Dressed Too Tempting
Cause Your Heads Fuckin Empty
And I Can't Believe It
I Can't Believe That You Didn't See Me

Passing Glances Fall On Me
Like Screams On Deaf Ears
They're All Laughing At Me
With Encouraging Cheers.