Parole E No Easy (Feat. J.Martins)


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  • Durée : 04:27
  • Date de sortie : 12 Janvier 2009

Paroles de la chanson E No Easy (Feat. J.Martins) :
[Chorus 1]
Baba God na your hand work hey.
No be lie iye, na your hand
work hey. I say, e no easy hey.
Oh oh, oh oh… To dey sing and
dey dance and the people dey rejoice
hey. My brother, my
sister no be today. If e good or
bad, make we dey thank God
hey. Baba God na your hand work
hey. No be lie hey. Haa! I
say no be lie hey.

[Verse 1]
No be everybody wey sleep for
night wake up see the light
hey. See the future is bright
hey. And e dey enter for eye
hey. Make you do your best hey.
Baba God go handle the rest

[Chorus 2]
Even if you no get money, dey jolly
dey shake body. No
need to dey tear body. If no be
God hey-hey. Na some be dead
body. Nobody be born baby. When
you fall, you go stand up
again. You go try am again, again
and again.

[Repeat chorus 1]

[Verse 2]
See, my people hey. On a good day,
nobody wey go for this
world to suffer hey. Na bad dey.
Na your own today. Another
man tomorrow. My brother which
kian life be this. Everybody
get him own way to follow. But
e no easy o.

[Repeat chorus 2, then chorus

[Verse 3]
See, the true story be say this
music no be today. The
thing been dey start like play-play
but now we don dey troway.
So make una, make una serious
hey. Chai! But na business
hey. Na make we dey try to rejoice
hey. Why? Cos e no easy

[Repeat chorus 2, then chorus
1 x3, then 2 again]

Les dédicaces pour "E No Easy (Feat. J.Martins)" :

  • dinechoco

    Date: 2012/06/26 07:09

    je trouve que c'est une réalité pure que les paroles de cette chanson révèlent . rien de bon ne se fait en un jour . c'est tout un parcours, toute une bataille de taille. alors je les félicite et les encourage à mieux faire pour mieux nous égayer en retour. courage à tous ceux qui pense qui n'ont plus de chance dans ce monde.

  • kahnoul-gordons

    Date: 2011/10/02 18:42

    congratulation!!! great music hope to see you son me and my wife from guinea!

psquareofficial psquareofficial

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