Parole Gotham City

R. Kelly

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  • Durée : 04:47
  • Date de sortie : 15 Janvier 2003

Paroles de la chanson Gotham City :
I'm looking over the skyline of the city.
How loud quiet nights in the mist of crime.
How next door to happiness lives sorrow,
And signals of solution in the sky.

A city of justice, a city of love, a city of peace
for everyone of us.
We all need it, can't live without it
A Gotham City (oh yeah)

How sleeping awake because of fear. (ohh yeah)
How children are drowning in their tears.
How we need a place where we can go,
A land where every one will have a hero (even me)

(Refrain 2x)

Yet in the middle of stormy weather,
We won't stumble and we won't fall.
I know a place that offers shelter..

[Répéter chorus until end)