Parole Die Welt steht still


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  • Interprète :Revolverheld
  • Genre :Pop, Rock
  • Auteur :Ambroise Willaume - Christophe Musset - Jérémie Arcache
  • Compositeur :Ambroise Willaume - Christophe Musset - Jérémie Arcache
  • Editeur :Sony Atv Music Publishing - Karakoid
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  • Durée : 03:39
  • Date de sortie : 23 Janvier 2005

Paroles de la chanson Die Welt steht still :
Can you hear the wind blowing by my window?
Fall comes in time every year, that's one thing I know

I spent a long time travelling around and sometimes quite far away
Now that I've been from town to town, I just don't know what to say

The things that I used to care about I don't anymore

You know I'm still here

So many new faces and places I don't remember
Where I was or what I was doing last December

I've been wearing so many masks now my mind is a mess
I don't think I ever felt more alien to myself

You know I'm still here

You know I'm still on my own in the daytime
Still in the same bed at night
Still keep on walking the old path
And you're still with me when I'm down

You know I'm still here

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