Parole Traveller's Chant

Rizzle Kicks

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  • Durée : 03:28
  • Date de sortie : 28 Janvier 2011

Paroles de la chanson Traveller's Chant :
Last week
I was passenger in a car seat
thinking of decisions that I'd made within a heartbeat.
She used to make my heartbeat,
it usually alarms me
lungs are over-working and I can't breath.
Yes I convinced myself I didn't like relationship malarkey
she said, wait, you didn't ask me
how I felt.
I said I love that you're a nice girl
and I'm sorry but this really wasn't timed well.
It kinda feels like it was maybe a Blur,
maybe coffee and tele is what I'd mainly prefer.
Feel like I've gotta scratch the surface gotta break it to learn
and now I multiply the times in which the tables have turned.


I call this the traveller's chant
whether you're sitting on a train or in the back of a car
thinking maybe it's me.
Yes I do have places to be (I've got places to be)
And do I start at the end or do I end at the start,
in this little bit of time will I get very far?
Maybe it's me,
yes I do have places to be.
And I'll be there.

Yeah, the other day
I was sitting on a train but in another place,
I was on my way home but maybe some would say
I was thinking about the days I wanna run away.
I've only really got a couple mates;
me, myself and I, how cliché.
Looking out the window
feels like I'm in a film;
director, producer and as it happens I'm the main character.
Yeah my own little feature length
soundtrack being whatever's in my speakers then.
I'd rather not be held accountable,
I bank on people's feelings it's no wonder why I'm feeling spent.
Yeah, and in a deeper sense
Sometimes I need the rain it helps me kind of clean my head.
The sun's an easy friend.
I'm thinking maybe the duration of my journey's helped me reconnect my feelings then.


Oh woh woh oh (x3)
I got places to be and yes and I'll be there
Oh woh woh oh
I'll be there
Oh woh woh oh (x2)
And I'll be there....