Parole Feel Like Makin' Love

Roberta Flack

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  • Durée : 02:55
  • Date de sortie : 2005

Paroles de la chanson Feel Like Makin' Love :
Roberta Flack

Strollin?in the park, watching winter turn to spring
Walkin?in the dark, seein?lovers do their thing, mmm
Thats the time I feel like making love to you.
Thats the time I feel like making dreams come true.

In a restaurant, holdin?hands by candlelight.
When youre touchin?me, wanting you with all my might.

When you talk to me, when youre moanin?sweet & low.
When youre touchin?me and my feelins start to show.
CHORUS 1st verse again [Refrain]