Parole Spending My Time


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  • Durée : 04:39
  • Date de sortie : 26 Janvier 2001

Paroles de la chanson Spending My Time :
What's the time, seems it's already morning
I see the sky, it's all beautiful and blue
The t.v's on but the only thing showing is a picture of you

Oh i get up and make myself some coffee
I try to read a book, but sorry's too thin
i thank the Lord above you're not here to see me
and the shape i'm in

Spending my time
Watching the days go by
Feeling so small i stare at the wall
hoping that you think of me too
i'm spending my time

I try to call but i don't know what to tell you
i leave a kiss on your answeringmachine
Oh help me please is there someone here to make me
wake up from this dream

spending my time
watching the sun goes down
i fall a sleep to the sound
of tears of a clown
praying i'm found
i'm spending my time