Parole Have A Nice Day


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  • Durée : 03:25
  • Date de sortie : 2001

Paroles de la chanson Have A Nice Day :
San francisco bay
Past pier thirty nine
Early p.m.
Cant remember what time
Got the waiting cab
Stopped at the red light
Address, unsure of
But it turned out just right

It started straight off
Coming here is hell
Thats his first words
We asked what he meant
He said where ya from?
We told him our lot
When ya take a holiday
Is this what you want?

So have a nice day
Have a nice day x3

Lie around all day
Have a drink to chase
Yourself and tourists, yeah
Thats what I hate
He said were going wrong
Weve all become the same
We dress the same ways
Only our accents change

So have a nice day
Have a nice day x3

Swim in the ocean
That be my dish
I drive around all day
And kill processed fish
Its all money gum
No artists anymore
Youre only in it now
To make more, more, more

So have a nice day
Have a nice day x3

Have a nice day x3

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