Parole Let The Bass Drop


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  • Durée : 04:55
  • Date de sortie : 04 Janvier 2007

Paroles de la chanson Let The Bass Drop :
"Let That Bass Drop"

[T-Pain whispering]
Feel good baby? Turn the lights off... turn the TV off... STOP. Don't do that...

We're in the bed and we both know what time it is
Ain't no use in playin wit it
In my head waitin for the perfect time to

Drop that bass on you
What ya think about it?
How does it feel baby?

I know you like it
You can't do nothin but ride wit it (C'mon)
Why is my hand touching your leg
I need to wait for the right time to


You think it's cool (Yeah)
You think it's cool so do I
Now if it's one thing I gotta do to you
I'm not leaving out this room until I


But what if I go down
And further down
And further down
And further down
And further down
To your belly chain--sike (I'm just playin)
But what id I go further down
And further down
And further down
And further down
And further down
Make you say my name
Now you can try to find it if you wanna
But I'm tellin ya babe
This feeling is uncontrolable
And this is the first time for us
So trust
Is a must
That high (hiiiiiigh)


Take your clothes off
Go 'head and show off
What you got
Look at that pretty face on ya
Slim waist on ya
Girl ya make wanna (what you gonna do?)

Excuse my language baby
But all I can say is


[T-Pain talking]
Nah, we don't need it
It feels so good without it


I think it's bout that time


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