Parole Feed Your Face

The Macc Lads

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  • Date de sortie : 02 Janvier 2007

Paroles de la chanson Feed Your Face :
Eating my dinner, watching Live Aid: 'Sit up straight,
you scruffy nigger.'
'Pass the Black Magic, coffee cream, love?'
'No thanks, dear, I'm trying to watch my figure.'
Feeling peckish, so I went down the chippy, bought some
pies and pasties
Didn't give any to the starving niggers, so I'm a fucking
Feed your face, don't give them a second thought.
These foreigners need sorting out, they've always got

droughts or flooding
We'd make a killing if we opened a chippy, sell loads of
chips and gravy
And black puddings.
I'm a big fat fucker, heavyweight, I can't help it, I
like me bitter,
But the blacks and paks have got much fewer since the
Chinks found out that
They taste like banana fritters
Feed your face, don't give them a second course