Parole Tab Wana Maly


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  • Durée : 06:38
  • Date de sortie : 2003

Paroles de la chanson Tab Wana Maly :
Why should I care about sorrows
when I pass the happiest of nights with my lover.
I love you so much, through my whole being,
and even if your eyes carry blame, let them;
Why should I care?

The sun shines above us and we are warmed,
covered as we are by roses.
Life offers us its happiness and its honeycomb.
I await tomorrow forgetting,
as I have, the hard days
I lived in the past.
Because I am with you now,
those days are forgotten.
Do you think I fear for blame?
Why should I care?

Now sing you all, and repeat with me -
our love is still fresh on this,
its first anniversary.
So, sorrows, keep your wounds at bay.
Take another route,
you have noplace here.
Because I am with you have I forgotten
the hard days I lived in the past.
Do you think I fear for blame?
Blame me!
Why should I care?

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