Parole Praise Your Holy Name

Yolanda Adams

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  • Durée : 04:34
  • Date de sortie : 01 Janvier 2006

Paroles de la chanson Praise Your Holy Name :
For all you’ve done -- Thank you

With my hands, I applaud the maker of creation, Holy Father

With my mouth, I extol, shouts of jubilation, Hallelujah

(You satisfy my hearts desire) With many good things,

I gotta thank ya

(You redeemed my very life) To you my heart sings

(With everything, I lift you up high)

(Let everything within praise your holy name )

With everything I,

(With everything, I lift you up high)

Lift you up Lord,Everything within me

(Let everything within praise Your holy name)

With the dance, I will praise, rejoicing in my Savior

Oh Lord, You’ve been good

For Your everlasting love and unmerited favor,

Grace and mercy to me

(The Glory of Your majesty), even the skies have to display,

Yeah, yeah

(Day and night, and night and day) You’re worthy of praise

(With everything, I lift you up high)

I lift you, oh Lord I thank you, I gotta praise your Holy Name

(with everything I lift you up high)

I lift you Lord, so wonderful, I gotta, (praise your name)

Everything I do I wanna do it all for you

Let me be calm when I’m there, praising your holy name

I wanna lift you up so high for the world to see


I lift my hands, my hands I raise

To give You glory, to give You praise

I wanna live, so I can give all of my service unto You

Because You’re worthy Oh Lord your worthy

Oh yes, You’re worthy, worthy of the praise,

And the honor and the glory

And all majesty belongs to you.

With everything I do, everywhere I go,

I gotta tell everybody about your goodness,

About your goodness, about your goodness

Oh yeah, Yeah, you’ve been good, Lord,

You’ve been good Lord, You’ve been good Lord

You've been good Oh

Better to me, better to me, better to me than I could ever

be to myself

You’ve been good Lord, that’s why I thank you, that’s why I praise ya


My hands are lifted, my voice is raised, to give you glory,

to give you praise

Huh, huh, praise ya,Huh, huh, praise ya

Oh I praise ya, Oh I praise ya

Oh, only you Lord, Only You Lord

Only you are worthy of the glory

You are worthy of the honor, uh, of the honor

You are worthy, worthy, worthy, worthy, worthy

I praise you, I lift ya, Magnify ya,

Because you are worthy of the praise.