Parole Temperature

Zion I

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  • Durée : 02:43
  • Date de sortie : 2005

Paroles de la chanson Temperature :
(feat. Talib Kweli)

[Zion I]

Yeah, yeah, hey

The cityscape where I stay is gettin hot now

unemployment is high and buildings is gettin chopped down

gold teeth populating the block

slurring slang they ignite on the lookout for cops

make the shots ring out like the liberty bell

no escape from the heat that's getting hotter than hell

like the oven's on broil, with blood stains in the soil

pimped on in the colors of crown royal

and little sister's got a baby on hip

and her momma never home so the cycle is sick

young ballers on the court wanna play in the league

but got knocked in the spot for a quarter of weed

it's getting hot in here, baby leave on your clothes

much more to living life than emulating them hoes

I try to speak truth in the form of my flows

but the temperature is rising it's harder to grow, fo' sho'

[Hook: x2]

Gotta keep my head up (yeah)

even though I'm fed up (survival every day)

gettin' hard to eat (right)

and all the drama in the street (it's gettin hot in every way)

[Talib Kweli]

Heads up, eyes open, rest in peace had quarters

tunnel vision, most of us is rushing [Russian?] like a special order

of stolen NIA [?]

the block is hot the ghetto on fire, with more narcs sales than ave

and barksdale from adshow to wire

we keep growing like hair when you die

black butterfly on the rose that's preparing to fly

I paint a picture with the color of the orquid, it's vivid

whatever kid I talk it, I spit it, I walk it, I live it

God bless every step and need to go through a reverend

your boy used to gouge an eye out just to get into heaven

we live between heaven and hell like John Constantine

doing crimes they confessing like a teenage drama queen

we were leaning now were falling down like Michael Douglas

I spit it fast, I gotta get it out, they might unplug it

and try to drug us, so I stay aware and watch out for the set up

never scared to go head up, got a plan to get my bread up, and