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    4 Songs, Op. 86: No. 1. Rodina slyshit (The Motherland Hears) (arr. for baritone and orchestra)Mp3
    A Voice From The ChorusMp3
    A Winter's EveningMp3
    A Winter's RoadMp3
    Aleko: 'Ves' tabar spit'Mp3
    Alla Vita Che T'arrideMp3
    Alzat... Eri TuMp3
    Andrea Chenier, Act III: Nemico della PatriaMp3
    Blagodariu tebia (I'm grateful to you)Mp3
    Boris Godunov, Act II: Dastig ya vishey vlastiMp3
    Carmen: Carmen, Act II: Toreado Song: Votre toast, je peux vous le rendreMp3
    Cortigiani, Vil Raza DannataMp3
    Cossacks In BerlinMp3
    Dark Is The NightMp3
    Declaration (Priznaniye), song for voice & piano, G. x280Mp3
    Do Not HurryMp3
    Drawing Near To IzhoryMp3
    Ei Fugge... Lina, Pensai Che Un Angelo... Oh Gioia InesprimibileMp3
    Elegy: Gone Are My Heart's Desires (Elegiya: Ya perezhil svoi zhelan'ya), song for voice & piano, Op. 29/5Mp3
    Elegy: The Clouds Begin to Scatter, song for voice & piano, Op. 42/3Mp3
    Evening In The HarborMp3
    Evening SongMp3
    Faust: Faust, Act I: Avant de quitter ces lieuxMp3
    For the Shores of Thy Far Native Land (Dlya beregov otchiznï dal'noy), song for voice & pianoMp3
    Georgian Song ('Do not Sing, My Beauty'), for voice & piano, Op. 4/4Mp3
    Gran' Dio... Oh De' Verd'anni MieiMp3
    Hamlet: Hamlet, Act II: O vin, dissipe la tristesseMp3
    Herodiade, Act II: Ce breuvage pourrait ? Vision fugitiveMp3
    How Young We WereMp3
    I Am Nailed To A Tavern CounterMp3
    I Love You, LifeMp3
    I loved you, for voice & piano, Op. 33/3Mp3
    I recall that wonderful moment (Ya pomnyu chudnoye mgnoven'ye), song for voice & piano, G. x201Mp3
    I'm Grateful To YouMp3
    Ia liubliu tebia, zhizn' (I love you, life)Mp3
    In The TrenchesMp3
    Kak moloddy my byli (How young we were)Mp3
    Kashei The Immortal: 'Gluhaja noch'Mp3
    Khovanshchina, Act III: Spit streletskoye gnezdoMp3
    La forza del destino, Act III: Urna fatale del mio destinoMp3
    Moscow NightsMp3
    Moscow WindowsMp3
    Moskovskie okna (Moscow windows)Mp3
    Motherland HearsMp3
    My MoscowMp3
    Ne speshi (Do not hurry)Mp3
    Nero : Nero: Payu tibe, bokh Gimeneya!, "Epitalama"Mp3
    Nezhnost' (Tenderness)Mp3
    On A Nameless HillMp3
    On the Hills of Georgia (Na kholmakh Gruzii), song for voice and piano, Op. 3/4Mp3
    Pagliacci, Act I: Prologue: Si puo? Si puo?Mp3
    Pari SiamoMp3
    Petersbourg Song (december 7, 1906)Mp3
    Petersburg Song (December 7, 1906)Mp3
    Podmoskovnye vechera (Moscow Nights)Mp3
    Prince Igor (Knyaz Igor), Act II: Ni sna ne otdikhaMp3
    Prince Igor: 'Ni sna, ni otdyha izmuchennaj dushe'Mp3
    Russian FieldMp3
    Russian Folk Songs: Ach Ti Slishesh Li (Ah! Do You Hear, My Dearest Fiend)Mp3
    Russian Folk Songs: Ach Vij Sini (Ah, Shady Spot)Mp3
    Russian Folk Songs: BarinyaMp3
    Russian Folk Songs: Ivushka (The Little Window)Mp3
    Russian Folk Songs: Kachelniye (Rhyming Song)Mp3
    Russian Folk Songs: Kak Menya Mladu (How Was I, A Tender Young Maiden?)Mp3
    Russian Folk Songs: KalinkaMp3
    Russian Folk Songs: Khorovodnaya (Round Dance)Mp3
    Russian Folk Songs: Na Gorushkye (On Little Mountain, On The Mountain)Mp3
    Russian Folk Songs: Ne Slijshno Shuma Gorodskogo (The Noise Of The Town Cannot Be Heard)Mp3
    Russian Folk Songs: Shto Bye Belaya Berioza (As Never White Birch Tree)Mp3
    Russian Folk Songs: Shto Zatumanilas (Why Have You Misted Over, Clear Sunset)Mp3
    Russian Folk Songs: Uzh Kak Pal Tuman (Already The Fog Has Descended)Mp3
    Russian Folk Songs: Uzh Ti Polye (Ah, You Field)Mp3
    Russian Folk Songs: Veniki (Birch - Broom)Mp3
    Russian Folk Songs: Vtyomnon Leyse (In The Dark Forest)Mp3
    Russian Folk Songs: Vyhozhu Adin Ya Na Dorogu (I Set Off Alone Down The Road)Mp3
    Russian Folk Songs: Ya Vstretil Vas (I Met You)Mp3
    Russkoe pole (Russian field)Mp3
    Sadko: 'Gorat kamennyj'; 'Gorat prekrasnyj'Mp3
    Shchit i mech' (The Shield and the Sword): S chego nachinaetsia Rodina? (Where does Motherland come from?)Mp3
    Shum berioz (The whisper of birches)Mp3
    Snow Maiden: 'Na t'oplam sinem more'Mp3
    Sogno Di Francesco : Tradimento... Pareami, Che Sorto Da Lauto ConvitoMp3
    Soldiers Are ComingMp3
    Somewhere Far AwayMp3
    Son Pur Queste Mie Membra... Dio Di GiudaMp3
    Songs And Dances Of Death: LulluabyMp3
    Songs And Dances Of Death: SerenadeMp3
    Songs And Dances Of Death: The Field MarshalMp3
    Songs And Dances Of Death: 'Trepak'Mp3
    Tannhauser: O du mein holder AbendsternMp3
    The Breeze Has Brought From Far AwayMp3
    The BrideMp3
    The Crimson Forest Sheds Its AttireMp3
    The Demon - Nero: ''Paju tebe, Boh Gimenej!'Mp3
    The Demon: Act II: Na Vozdushnom akianeMp3
    The Demon: Act II: Ne plach dityaMp3
    The Demon: 'Ja tot, katoramu vnimala'Mp3
    The Demon: 'Na vazdushnam akeane'Mp3
    The Demon: 'Ne plach dit'a'Mp3
    The Forest Sheds Its Crimson DressMp3
    The Golden OarMp3
    The Hills Of ManchuriaMp3
    The Last BattleMp3
    The Lonely AccordionMp3
    The Night Zephyr (Nochnoy zefir), song for voice & piano, G. x190Mp3
    The Nightingale, song for voice & piano, Op. 60/4Mp3
    The Road To The FrontMp3
    The RoadsMp3
    The Sacred StoneMp3
    The Statue of Czarskoye-Selo, for voice & piano, Op. 57/17Mp3
    The Tsar's Bride: 'S uma nejdot krasvitsa!'Mp3
    The Virgin In The CityMp3
    The WeathercockMp3
    The Whisper Of BirchesMp3
    The Youth and the Maiden, for voice & pianoMp3
    The fire of longing burns in my blood (V krovi gorit' ogon zhelan'ya), song for voice & piano, G. x180Mp3
    There Are So Many Pretty GirlsMp3
    Thoe Born In Obscure YearsMp3
    Those Born In Obscure YearsMp3
    Three YearsMp3
    To A Winter's EveningMp3
    To NannyMp3
    To a Dreamer (Mechtatelyu), song for voice & piano, Op. 32/6Mp3
    To the Fountain of the Bakhchisarai, for voice & pianoMp3
    Tosca: Tosca, Act I: Tre sbirri, una carrozza, "Te Deum"Mp3
    Tri goda (Three years)Mp3
    Tutto è Deserto... Il Balen Del Suo Sorriso... Per Me Ora FataleMp3
    Ty moya melodiya (You are my melody)Mp3
    Unexpected WaltzMp3
    Vanne... Credo In Un Dio CrudelMp3
    VecchioSpiccai... La Sua Lampada Vitale... Tremate, O MiseriMp3
    Vecher na reide (Evening in the harbor)Mp3
    Vechernaya pesnya (Evening song)Mp3
    Vesyoliye rebyata: Kak mnogo devushek horoshih (There are so many pretty girls)Mp3
    Wait For MeMp3
    Where Are You, My BrothersMp3
    Where Does Motherland Come FromMp3
    Why These Tears...Mp3
    Winter Evening (Zimniy vecher), song for voice & piano, Op. 13/1Mp3
    You Are My MelodyMp3
    Zhdi menia (Wait for me)Mp3
    do Not Be Frightned...Mp3
    forgive Me, Heavenly CreatureMp3
    i Am So Frightened...Mp3
    i Do Not Know Her Name...Mp3
    i'll Sing For You...Mp3
    if Sweet Maidens...Mp3
    midnight Is Near...Mp3
    oh, How I Detest Today's World...Mp3
    one Day Know Her Name...Mp3
    poor ThingWhat An Abyss...Mp3
    we Will Drink And Be Happy...Mp3
    what If The Clock Chimes...Mp3
    what Is Our LifeMp3
    you Are So Sad... I Love You...Mp3

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